Anne Bonny: The Film

Anne Bonny sailed the Caribbean with her lover, Captain Calico Jack, in the pirate ship Revenge. The scourge of the seas, they were eventually captured and sentenced to death. Jack Rackham was hanged in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1720 but Anne Bonny was not. She did not die in prison, nor was she released. In fact, she disappeared from history.

Some say she returned to a life of piracy…

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The Film

This film is a dramatised interpretation of what happened to Anne Bonny after her disappearance from official record in 1720.

The film finds Anne in her new, quieter life as a barmaid but all this is thrown out of kilter when her long lost son appears and claims she is in danger of being found after all her years in hiding. She is forced into deciding whether to return to the seas in a bid to save herself or stay in danger of being re-arrested and hanged for her piracy.

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The Production

The production is to be financed through crowdfunding.

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