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Our location in Devon

From January 16th to 18th was the production’s official location recce down in Devon. India (director), Adam (producer), Dennis (director of photography) and Nansu (production designer) traveled roughly 230 miles from Ealing to Clovelly on a range of tubes, coaches, and cars to look around for the best possible areas to use in the film. The result was better than what could be hoped for as the town really feels like you walk into the past which makes our job easier on set dressing (wonderful for a low budget film!) Whilst down there, a new instalment of the ongoing production vlogs was filmed. Come on down to Devon with us and have a look at what happens on a location recce for a... read more

Meet our cast

Saturday the 10th saw our final day of casting. We had three groups in for the callbacks, with each group consisting of one Anne, one Henry, and one Nathaniel. The day proved to be both enjoyable and productive and included time for us to finalise our schedule for the upcoming weeks in between groups. All of the actors we saw today were fantastic and each brought something unique and brilliant to the role they were playing. That being said, however, I am quite sure were are bringing you the best possible actors to play these characters. Without further ado, the Bonny’s Revenge team would like to welcome Jo Marriott as Anne Bonny, Richard Stephenson Winter as Henry Graves, and Arthur Verron as Nathaniel Cunningham. We will be having rehearsals with our actors in the upcoming weeks so watch this space for more blog posts. Next blog post will be our location recce down to Clovelly in Devon.    ... read more

Creating a trailer

There’s a lot going on now that Christmas Day is over! We’re now in the race to get our crowd funding campaign up and running to raise the £15,000 we need to make this film. The main thing we need doing for the campaign is creating a trailer for the film to ramp up people’s interest in the project. The trailer is currently being shot, with Hong Kong coastal areas standing in for the Caribbean. We’re hoping to have the campaign up before January, and every little helps so if anyone could spare even a pound to put towards this film we would be incredibly grateful. Here are some stills from the film’s... read more

More costumes

Here are some more costume pictures! These ones are for the characters Nathaniel and... read more

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