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Anne Bonny’s costume: first look

Here is the first look at costumes, pictures courtesy of our production and costume designer, Nansu Laine. This picture is of Anne Bonny’s costume, she has a hole cut into her skirts for easy access to the dagger! read more


  The casting for this film is high on our list of important elements of this production. As Clint Eastwood once said that to make a good film, “50% of is good writing, 50% is good casting, then the director just has to not f*ck it up” We decided to begin the casting early on and hold multiple rounds of auditions to be sure we were making the right choices. The first auditions were held in early December and we saw a good 30 people in person and had another 10 self tapes from actors unable to attend the auditions. Although our casting assistant was missing in action, it was a very positive round of auditions. We saw some phenomenal actors and actresses as well as a couple of very strange individuals, putting it lightly, who made for a very interesting audition period. We have 9 people coming back for callbacks during the first week of January – 3 people for each of the lead roles. The final decisions between the returning 9 is going to be difficult as all bring something different and something brilliant to the characters but we are sure to find a fantastic cast to bring the story to life in the near... read more

Social Media

Hello! This is just a quick post to direct you to other places for you to follow Bonny’s Revenge. We have a Facebook page up which can be found at or you can just type Bonny’s Revenge into the Facebook search bar and you will be able to find the page. We also have a Twitter page, found at or, again, just search for @BonnyRevenge once on... read more


Hello everyone! I’d like to use this post to welcome you all to the official website of our film about the pirate legend, Anne Bonny. ‘Bonny’s Revenge’ follows Anne in an imagining of her life during the time that she is remarkably absent from all official record. If you’d like to learn more about the plot of the film, please head over to the About section. On this site, you will be able to find out about the cast and crew bringing this story to you, the aims of this film, and of course, you will be able to follow the film’s progress on this blog. We hope you enjoy the journey with... read more

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