We need your help!

This incarnation of the film, Bonny’s Revenge, is a short film making up the opening few scenes of a feature film. We will be using the short film, along with a production pack including the feature length script to gain studio interest in the film to then go on and make the feature length film, hopefully in the very near future.

To make this short film we have to raise £15,000 in order to pay for actors, location, equipment, transport, and the like. This is where you guys come in!

Below is the link to our Indiegogo page where you can read in depth about the production of the film and what your money is going on. If you could find it in the goodness of your hearts (and wallets!) to spare even just a few pounds towards this, we would be incredibly grateful.


Help us make the film!

If you can help then please consider contributing to our fund. Every little helps!

See our Indiegogo appeal