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Jo Marriott

Anne Bonny

JomJo was born and raised in Birmingham, England; the youngest of four children. She grew up watching her parents star in many amateur productions, but this was not her only inspiration for taking up acting. She was also inspired by watching many West End musicals, in particular the Phantom of the Opera to take up singing. She trained with an experienced singing coach for several years and entered many local singing competitions to much acclaim gaining many placings and distinctions. This naturally led her to join an amateur dramatic society, which saw her perform in several productions, playing both chorus and lead roles.

Jo then enrolled at the Coventry Centre of Performing Arts on a two-year diploma course. During this time she also joined a local medieval re-enactment group performing medieval shows, which is where she gained her first taste for sword fighting! She carried on with the medieval re-enactment, so much so, she helped develop a new group, ‘Spirit of England Medieval Theatre Company’ with fellow re-enactor Tony Rotherham. This award winning group went from strength to strength and performed all over the UK. Being approached to attend the week long medieval festival at Quebec, Canada in 1996. This highlighted the group’s success as well as appearing at the Euro 96 football Tournament as pre match entertainment in front of millions of viewers.

Re-enactment also opened up film and television work for Jo with production companies making historical documentaries. She has portrayed a wide array of characters, which included roles such as Maid Marion, Joan of Arc as well a fully armoured knight on horseback. Film work as seen her perform as a stunt sword fighter with the ‘White Boar Fight Crew’ in films such as Chasing the Deer, The Bruce, Macbeth, King Lear and Merlin the Quest Begins. These productions saw Jo working alongside the likes of Oliver Reed, Brian Blessed and Jason Connery. In Merlin the Quest Begins, as well as the sword fighting, she also plays a character called Siren and worked with the award winning director David Winning.

Jo is also an accomplished professional look-a-like appearing all over the UK and US as the popular TV character Xena Warrior Princess and the video game character Lara Croft. Her costume making skills are best shown when she makes appearances as all the costumes she wears are made by her.

Jo’s other notable achievements include; being an ambassador for the city of Nottingham as the official Maid Marion, traveling all over the UK, and appearing in Belgium and Lapland. She is also a brown belt in Shudokan Aikido, experienced horseback rider, sword fighter with over 12 years experience, trained in many forms of period weaponry, experienced fire walker and glass walker!

Richard Stephenson Winter

Henry Graves

RichardsRichard Stephenson Winter was born in Carlisle, Cumbria in 1968 and grew up in Northumberland. He trained as an actor and in business studies before embarking on a twenty year on / off non-career in the Army, serving in both the Territorial and Regular Army. He was awarded the Territorial Decoration in 2012 and finally retired in January 2013 as a Major.

When not serving as an ambivalent soldier, “RSW” has spent time variously travelling, often working as an international DJ, playing, drinking and “generally making a scene” in various places from Cannes and Monte Carlo to Beirut and Syria. He was expelled from his DJ residence in Abu Dhabi following his creation of a very popular hip hop night where everyone danced but no-one bought drinks.

His sense of humour lent itself to a foray into comedy, though his physically menacing presence and disinclination to indulge hecklers led to friend and comedy mentor Steffen Peddie remarking “You were okay till you threatened them.” Collaborations in Cambridge with writers and comedians from the Cambridge Footlights resulted in his return to acting after a gap of over two decades, in Daniel Henry Kaes’ Harry Porter Prize Nominated “It’s Complicated” in the London production in Covent Garden in 2012. A life-long fan of comedian Tony Hancock, Richard got the idea for “The Towers” from the way “the lad himself” styled his own comic creation – not only casting himself in the central role and using his own name (adding the Stephenson – his middle name – as it would “use up more bulbs”) but by alluding to a (fictitious) aristocratic childhood with no basis in fact. Such was his deadpan explanation of this bare faced lie, coupled with the fact that many of his Army colleagues addressed him as “Lord Morpeth” – a name he uses in The Towers to this day, that newer members of his Regiment would believe that his blood did in fact run blue and were somewhat disappointed to learn that they did not have a reluctant peer in their midst.

Richard is also the second cousin of Golden Globe, Bafta and Academy Award winning screen writer Simon Beaufoy.

Richard has been a keen diarist for many years but now focuses on his writing for self publishing, in part to help fund his life as “a struggling actor”. “The Towers” began as a way of making social media more interesting, but his characterisation of himself living at an inexplicable country house along with rock stars, actors and other quirky aristocratic characters was so popular that is eventually became his first eBook “A Thirsty Thursday At The Towers” which he has now followed with his first Towers novella “A Twist Of Fete At The Towers.” Both books are now in print and a third is in development. “The message of ‘The Towers'” he says “is that everyone has weaknesses, whether it is vanity, greed or whatever, and we should accept people as flawed and try to be kind.”

Richard is unmarried and has no children. He divides his time between London (when he is acting) and (Leafy) Northumberland when he is writing.

Arthur Verron

Nathaniel Cunningham


Arthur was born in USSR, couple of years before the collapse. He was brought up in Ukraine and Russia and has lived all over the country. He fell in love with acting at the age of 7 when his mother managed to get him onto the stage after a puppet show to meet the cast. Luckily she recorded the entire encounter on video and he sincerely hopes that it never reaches public eyes. A few days after that show he told his mother that he “Will grow up to become a famous actor and marry a beautiful girl”. So he set off on a journey to fulfil his dreams!

He recently graduated from Drama Studio London from a 2 year Professional Acting course. Arthur came to England at the age of 13 but although he studied Performing Arts in College he did not pursue acting professionally until his early twenties, working in professional jobs with forever burning desire to perform. At 22 he started to apply for professional acting jobs in various fields with much success. He decided to hone his craft, improve the knowledge of the industry and develop a forever growing understanding for the Art of Acting. He joined Drama Studio London in 2012, which turned out to be the second best thing he has ever done. The first being, of course, working as a professional actor. Since graduation Arthur has done a vast variety of successful acting jobs, met a huge amount of talented individuals and is utterly excited about what the future will bring. His personal motto: “Anything is possible”.

He speaks English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Ukrainian and German. His work ranges from commercials to short films and includes theatre production such as The Seagull, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Measure for Measure and Kiss of the Spider Woman.
He learnt rapier, dagger and unarmed combat skills with The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat which could be very useful in a pirate film!

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