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They say that there was once a formidable pirate who fought like a hellcat, drank, and cursed with the best of them. Fearlessly roaming the seven seas, this pirate went by the name of…Anne Bonny.

Anne Bonny was never one to fit the mould, falling in and out of love with a small time sailor before turning her sights to an eccentric pirate captain Calico Jack. After having Jack’s child and abandoning it in Cuba, Anne, along with Jack and his crew, sailed in infamy, taking all that they wanted and then some. These escapades came to an abrupt end when the King’s navy stormed aboard and only the two women on board were brave enough to fight back. Anne Bonny and Mary Read fought like firecrackers but were eventually overcome. The crew were thrown in jail sentenced to hang. But Anne Bonny was never actually hanged. Nor did she die in jail. Nor was she released. Some say that she escaped into the night and started a new life. Some say that her father paid her ransom. And some say that she returned to a life of piracy…

This film is a dramatised interpretation of what happened to Anne Bonny after her disappearance from official record in 1720.

The film finds Anne in her new, quieter life as a barmaid but all this is thrown out of kilter when her long lost son appears and claims she is in danger of being found after all of her years in hiding. She is forced into deciding whether to return to the seas in a bid to save herself or stay in danger of being re-arrested and hanged for her piracy.

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